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Hidden Kitchen in the Middle of Victoria Harbour of Hong Kong!

Many people don’t realise it is a restaurant because it is a local ferry.

It is called Harbour Cruise- Bauhinia. The ferries were transformed by vehicular ferries which were once the only sea transportation to cross between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon until 1998. The cruise is well-known among locals with their Buffet Dinner Cruise. Indeed besides the dinner cruise, the ferry would become a restaurant called Captain Cat Restaurant at North Point Passenger Ferry Pier between 11:30am until 6:00pm. The ferry is only berthed at the pier and will not sail.

The interior design and the atmosphere of the ferry is very nostalgic (like I could find cigarette burns on the table cloth, LOL). Also don’t expect too much from the food. Why would I recommend the place? The view, the price, and the staff. You can enjoy your lunch with the view of Victoria Harbour by an unbeatable price ($100 per lunch set on weekends, sets on weekdays are even cheaper). Since not many people know about they offer lunch, this place is not busy most of the time and the staff is super friendly.

Please note that the ferries may have special charter services. It is suggested that you should call their hotline before visit to make sure lunch service is available.

*Captain Cat does exist. You may find her at the pier if you’re lucky.

Hotline: (852) 2802 2886

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