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HK people stocking up on food to prepare for Super Typhoon

Super typhoon "Mangkhut" is approaching Hong Kong and will be the closest to the city on Sunday (16th September). It is predicted to be the most powerful storm since records began.

Hong Kong people have been preparing for the worst since Thursday (13th September) and stocking up on essential items such as food from shops.

We visited one of the supermarkets in Wan Chai in the evening on Friday (14th September). 98% of the fresh meat and vegetables were sold out.

In fact, most of the markets and supermarkets will open on Saturday (15th September), most of the fresh ingredients will be restocked but the prices will be higher than normal days. The prices of food like fish, eggs, meats and vegetables have gone up since Thursday.

The typhoon is predicted to hit Hong Kong on Sunday and Monday (15th & 16th September). If you are currently staying at Hong Kong, HONGKONGUIDE suggest you to pay attention to the latest weather information, stock up on food enough for one or two days. When typhoon hits, stay indoors and be alert.

To know more about typhoon signals in Hong Kong, click here.


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