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Hong Kong Bruce Lee Mansion in Metaverse!!

This is a pop-up Bruce Lee Exhibition because it only lasts for a week. It is in a relatively small venue this time, but they have some valuable displays such as the mirror effects of Enter the Dragon so you can feel like Bruce in the movie. Action figures and hand-written note of his famous “Be Water” martial arts philosophy. And also a jewellery designed by Bruce two months before his sudden death.

Of course the main attraction is the VR experience of Bruce Lee Mansion which you can visit his house in metaverse.

You could walk in the garden, check out Bruce’s Mercedes and also pick up some photos designed by the creators.

The team is still developing the whole house so hopefully by next year people could even enter the house and check out Bruce Lee’s gym. This exhibition will end on 14th August. Pay a visit or you will need to wait until next year!

Don’t forget to check out this:

Exhibition Details:

"Transcending Time and Space, A Revival of Bruce Lee's Former Mansion"

Date: 6th-14th August, 2022

Address: Shop D, 38 Russell Street, Causeway Bay


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