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Hong Kong Museum of Art Reopen 2019 Walkthrough

Hong Kong Museum of Art was first opened in 1962 but was closed and reopened on 30 November 2019 after multi-year renovation.

Hong Kong Museum of Art is located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, right next to Space Museum, Peninsula Hotel, Star Avenue and K11 MUSEA. It has great view of the famous Victoria Harbour of Hong Kong and thus has many awesome Instagram spots.

Also it has a wide range of displays such as antiques, paintings, sculptures, calligraphy and other art from artists of Hong Kong, China and overseas.

On top floor you can find a spot to meet local artist. On the opening day, they had Frog King. Visitors can interact with him freely. He will be there randomly until 2020 summer.

Hong Kong Museum of Art is a must-see place for both tourists and art lovers!

香港藝術館經過多年的重建終於在2019年11月重開!集合了各種藝術品包括書法、畫作、古玩等等,香港藝術館非但是一所藝術館,而且更是一個打卡勝地!鄰近維多利亞港、星光大道及K11 MUSEA,香港藝術館有不同的地方值得你們去發掘!



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