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Hong Kong’s Traditional Vegetarian Restaurant’s “Impossible Meat” Invented Decades Ago

This is Luk Yung Vegetarian Restaurant which is half-century-old. One of the owners who started the restaurant was a famous Cantonese opera actor. That’s why many popular Cantonese Opera actors friends loved to visit the restaurant back in the days.

The taste and quality of the food is well maintained throughout the years and is one of the most famous vegetarian restaurants in Kowloon.

If you are not familiar with Chinese vegetarian food, you can start with the most common dishes, which are wheat gluten platter with different flavours, deep fried taro fish, tai chi ying yang fried rice!

Traditional Chinese vegetarian cuisine has many imitation of meat dishes, like Cha Siu (BBQ Pork), duck, fish, to meet the desire of eating meat for diners. Of course those taro fish or vegetarian duck won’t have the original tastes. The chef just tries to make them look alike.

Personally I like to order Tai Chi fried rice, or Ying Yang rice. People name the dish like that because the chef would usually “paint” the sauces like the symbol of “Ying and Yang”. Sometimes the chef would miss and make it look like half moon. When they got it right I would say it’s my lucky day!


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