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Hong Kong Safari Wildlife Country Park - Kam Shan 金山郊野公園

Did you know there are wild monkeys in the city of Hong Kong and they were from India?

Kam Shan Country Park is called “Monkey Hill” by the locals because it is famous of its wild monkeys macaques kingdom. It was believed that the macaques is believed to be imported by the Hong Kong British Government in 1920s. It is because when the government was building the reservoir there, they found out there was a type of poisonous plants called strychnine tree which would poison the water source. Therefore the government imported rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) from India who love to eat the plant. The goal was achieved and the plants were all eaten by the macaques. The macaques then stayed in the park until now.

It was also told that another species long-tailed macaque (Macaca fascicularis) were released by pet owners at that time so these two types of Macaques could be found  from Kam Shan Country Park.

#Please be aware that in order to control the number of monkeys in Hong Kong and to reduce the monkeys' reliance on human feeding, it is illegal to feed the monkeys. Also please take the following advice when visiting the park:

  1. Avoid carrying plastic bags. Hide all plastic bags away in a backpack;

  2. Do not eat when there are monkeys around;

  3. Do not stare at the monkeys as staring would provoke them;

  4. Do not approach the monkeys, especially the babies. Stay at some distance from them.

The monkeys are wild animals so please be cautious at all time. Kam Shan Country is in a good location because it is just 15 minutes travel time from Mongkok. Enjoy the good view and good hikes there!

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