Hong Kong Taxi launched Lamborghini version to rival against Uber

Updated: This is our special for April Fool’s Day

Complaints against city cabbies are hitting new highs and fares look set to rise, while Uber wins on service and convenience. One of the operators is bringing in a Lamborghini model.

A subsidiary of Hong Kong’s last second-largest cab company, SurrealHK Taxi – has brought in car upgrades as well as mobile phone charging ports and leather seats.

The reforms are being led by SurrealHK taxi founder Tommy Fung who will operate this super-taxi himself on daily basis.

Tommy Fung, founder of SurrealHK Taxi Co.

However, it can only take one passenger.

The company has developed its own mobile app for booking rides. This app will only accept female customers. Passengers will need to log in the app with their instagram accounts. Fung will verify their instagram accounts and decide whether he would accept the order according to his personal preferences.

Tommy Fung showing how he picks order for his supercar taxi

When asking refusing male passengers is against the law, Fung said he is not worried. "The reason of taking female passengers only is obvious, have you ever seen two guys riding a Lamborghini together? Two guys in that beast together... that is totally street illegal."

The Hong Kong Taxi Council is backing the app and they said it would hopefully surpass its prime competitor Uber Black on the ride-hailing scene very soon.

“Whatever Uber can do, we’ll do it better,” Fung said at a recent media event. “I live my life a quarter mile at a time. Ejecto