How many flavours of egg tarts are there?

Egg Tart is one of the iconic local food of Hong Kong and many visitors must eat that every time they visit Hong Kong, but do you know how much has this delicacy evolved over the years?

Derived from European Custard tart, egg tart was brought to Hong Kong from Guangzhou in 1940s and was served In high-end Western restaurants only at that time until Cha Chaan Tang popularized it in 1960s.

Ever since egg tart has become an iconic Hong Kong food, different variations have emerged.

The top selling flavour is always puff pastry and shortcrust pastry egg tart. It is always a debate about which one is more tasty and more popular among locals. In recent years another popular type is Japanese style Cheese Tart.

Portuguese egg tart is another popular type also. For egg tarts, basically the main variation is either the crust or the flavour of the egg mix. Over the years there are flavours like chocolate, lemon, coconut, green tea (Japanese Mutcha), durian created. So go visit different local bakeries to find your favourite type!

Some local famous egg tart shops: