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My Younger Brother Runs a Vintage Hong Kong Grocery Store in Ping Shek Estate!! 坪石金倫號

This is Ping Shek estate, one of the oldest public estate in HK.

Ping Shek Estate Podium

This podium has many symmetrical designs which have attracted many photographers.

Ping Shek Estate Podium
Famous Ping Shek Estate Podium

Ping Shek Estate Apartment

Not only this podium is popular, but also there is a traditional grocery store which is many people’s favourite, and the owner is a fun guy.

Ping Shek Estate 坪石 Kam Lun Ho 金倫號
(Left) Ng Yim Tak, owner of Kam Lun Ho; (Right) Alpha Cheng, founder of HONGKONGUIDE

This is Tak, the shop owner of 金倫號 (Kum Lun Ho) store. His store is a traditional Chinese grocery store which sells groceries mostly in 7 categories: tea, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, sugar.

Ping Shek 坪石 Store sauce
Which is your favourite sauce?

Tak runs the shop with his family for decades and they have kept most of the original settings.

坪石 Ping Shek Instagram Store Old school Egg

One of the best part is the egg area with the light bulb. In the old days people would check the egg one by one in front of the light to make sure it is good. If it is transparent, the egg is good so people will buy it.

How Chinese used to buy eggs in the old times 19th century
It is a good egg

However it’s funny that there is a sign now saying no egg picking, because the quality of eggs is high in average, hard to find spoiled ones.

Besides the eggs, the rice area is also very traditional because in the old time this was how people used to buy rice, by weight.

old rice shop 舊米行坪石
Hong Kong people love rice from Thailand

If you guys want to meet Tak or take some photos of his shop, make sure you ask them first. Also if you feel like buying something from them, you can try this chili sauce, it is a popular one in Hong Kong, you can pretty much dip with anything.

You can dip different types of meat, vegetables, even put some into plain rice, Alpha says he does it that way

Address: 2 Clear Water Bay Rd, Ping Shan


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