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[Instagram Spot] Lunatic Asylum for Chinese

First opened in 1891 as a lunatic asylum for Chinese with beds for a maximum of 16 patients, this two-storey red-brick and granite structure was built in a Renaissance Classical Revival style with minimal ornamentation. It has a simple pitched roof, a half-basement and an arcade on the first floor.

In 1930s, the asylum needed to expand. Therefore the government turned the European Nursing Staff Quarters of the Government Civil Hospital next to it in High Street (which is the famous "High Street Haunted House", see the guide here) to become Mental Hospital.

The building is now used as a methadone treatment clinic. * This building is not open to the public

Above: at the back of the building is West End Path, there are two road signs in modern style and old historic style.

Address: 45 Eastern St, Sai Ying Pun


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