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Kung Lee Sugar “King” Juice in Hong Kong!

It surely is the most famous sugar cane juice shop in Hong Kong, frequently recommended by most of the sites about Hong Kong travel.

Like many other old shops in Hong Kong, the story behind the shop is as tasty and long lasting as their sugar cane juice. The brand was founded in 1948 which is more than 70-year-old. They used to have their own farm in Hong Kong to grow their high-quality sugar cane until their farm could not meet the demand. But the shop still keeps their traditional way of making the sugar cane juice in Hong Kong. Many other shops in Hong Kong just simply “cold-press” the sugar cane. Kung Lee adopts the more complicated way- steam the sugar cane so more sweetness would come out, and then they peel out the skin before squeezing the juice.

Besides sugar cane juice, Kung Lee also sells herbal tea. Because in traditional Chinese culture, sugar cane is a healthy drink like herbal tea, so usually sugar cane juice is sold in herbal tea shop.

It is an old shop, but they try to advance with time by collaborating with local brewer to release sugar cane beer. It is a matter of luck when you see it. I failed to buy it a few times and finally I got it this time.

The story doesn’t end here yet. Don’t forget to LOOK UP! As I mentioned that the sugar cane juice shop is located at a century-old building. It was actually the original location of a famous school in Hong Kong - Wah Yan College. Luckily the buildings next to the shop remain pretty much the same so you could feel and imagine how the old Hong Kong is like back in the days.

The world’s shortest escalator is in a train station of Japan. It has 5 stairs with 83cm of height and is famously amusing and kind of useless. In Hong Kong, the shortest escalator is… this one with 1 metre of height and 6 stairs. No one knows the reason behind this making this escalator but it is funny to see it.