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Local Popular Fish Ball Noodles Shop in Eastern District of HK Island

This noodles shop is famous of its fish ball noodles soup in Eastern District of Hong Kong Island among local. Actually they have way more great food.

On Lee Noodle Shop, Sau Kei Wan 安利魚蛋粉麵
People queue up during lunchtime every day

Established in 1966, On Lee Noodles is a historical noodles restaurant which has been popular in Sau Kei Wan for decades. Recent years they have redecorated their shop which there is a good mix of old and new atmosphere inside the shop.

On Lee Noodle Shop, Sau Kei Wan 安利魚蛋粉麵

The shop is famous of their daily made fish balls and fish slices. Beef brisket, beef balls, wonton are also good, so how to pick for first-timer? They have a ”4-item noodles” for you with everything included in one bowl. Yup there are 5 items mentioned, fish balls and fish slices are considered as one item, they are blood brothers. You just cant separate them. What you need to worry about is to choose which noodles you want, rice or egg noodles in soup or mixed with soya sauce.

On Lee Noodle Shop, Sau Kei Wan 安利魚蛋粉麵
"4 Items" with Rice Noodles, with beef brisket sauce inside the soup

On Lee Noodle Shop, Sau Kei Wan 安利魚蛋粉麵
Fish ball and fish slice with egg noodles mixed with soya sauce, comes with clear soup

Their chilli oil is awesome too. You can take out half a teaspoon and put it on your spoon. It is quite spicy which you may need to be careful if you are not a spicy person. It can dip the food with the chilli oil to make it more aromatic.

On Lee Noodle Shop, Sau Kei Wan 安利魚蛋粉麵
Maple syrup, condensed milk and chilli oil

Besides their famous noodles, don’t forget to order their French toast and Milk Tea. They are also very delicate which are worth to try. You can add condensed milk or maple syrup on the toast by yourself.

On Lee Noodle Shop, Sau Kei Wan 安利魚蛋粉麵
Did I make you hungry?


On Lee Noodle Soup 安利魚蛋粉麵

22 Shau Kei Wan Main St E, Shau Kei Wan

Closed every Thursday

After eating at On Lee Noodles Shop, you can visit a Tin Hau Temple across the road. About how to visit a Chinese temple, please check out here.


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