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Trendy Zone, Mall for the youth in Mong Kok

Before we talk about the mall, we would like to introduce the district Mong Kok first.

Mong Kok is one of the most populated area in the world. It is located in the centre of Hong Kong so basically it connects to most of the areas in Hong Kong.

Therefore over the past few decades it has become a shopping area which has different types of shops, cinemas and karaoke lounges for the locals especially teenagers.

The fun of shopping is all about discovery. Mong Kok is a shopping area which has almost everything - sneakers, clothing and accessories, gadgets, computers & accessories, action figures etc... you name it, they have it.

One of the iconic shopping malls is Trendy Zone. It targets at customers who are mainly the youngsters.


They have shops clothes for both men and women, from big brands to off-brands. Very often they would provide discounts also, but the prices are usually good anyway.


Can you imagine how long it will take to try all these rings?

Yes. The sign is in Japanese. Hong Kong people admire Japanese fashion and most of us can understand some meanings by reading the Chinese characters.


It is always fun when seeing shops selling something which people don’t get to see often. This shop for cat lovers is truly something worth to go. They have items for both hooman and their pets.

Any puzzle lover?

Don’t forget to check out the basement.

Address: Trendy Zone, Chow Tai Fook Commercial Centre, 580A Nathan Rd, Mong Kok


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