What Mooncakes Flavours Is Your Favourite?

Yes there is a so-called "Mooncake Trend" in Hong Kong because there are new products and new flavours launching every year during Mid Autumn Festival (when traditional flavours are mainly lotus seed & mixed nuts). In recent years, lava mooncake and egg custard mooncake are popular among local Hong Kongers.

Egg Custard Mooncake & Lava Collection

Egg Custard Mooncake is one of the very first "innovative" mooncakes. It was famously invented by Chef Yip Wing Wah when he was working at Peninsula Hotel over 30 years ago. Chef Yip recalls that in 1980s, he was assigned to design new products in order to attract high-end Chinese customers. Therefore he created Egg Custard Mooncake and it became a big hit until now. Chef Yip is now partnering with Imperial Patisserie to innovate Egg Custard Mooncake without compromising the traditional basis.

Above: Mooncake Master, Chef Yip Wing Wah

This year, Chef Yip has launched the brand new silky smooth Lava Mooncake Collection including Lava Custard Mooncake and Lava Sesame Mooncake, which Lava Sesame Mooncake was firstly created by Chef Yip and it is always sold out right after stock is replenished.

Above: Lava Custard Mooncake & Lava Sesame Mooncake

Assorted Flavours

One of the main functions of Mooncake is to serve as a gift to family and friends during the festival. Therefore assorted flavours is also popular because it can fit the taste of different people. Michelle Loo, a well-known food gourmet in Hong Kong, has created her own mooncake brand collection of "M’s Gourmet" and has released Assorted Mini-mooncakes including 4 flavours: Mixed Nut, Chocolate, Purple Sweet Potato and Cheese (see photo below).

Not only it provides a wide range of flavours but also the Purple Sweet Potato flavour is vegetarian. Everyone will be happy.