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My Favourite Cigar Bar in Wan Chai

During the 1990s, Wan Chai was known for its bustling nightlife scene in Hong Kong. It was a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, especially for those seeking entertainment and excitement after dark. Some of the popular nightlife spots in Wan Chai during this time included bars, clubs and karaoke designated for locals or foreigners. Wan Chai was a hot area for nightlife. As time goes by, Wan Chai has changed to an area for foodies.

The bar I am talking about this time is a bar, but it is not a bar with fancy cocktails nor beer collections. It is a cigar bar. The Harbour Divan by PCC is located at a historical building on Ship Street, Wan Chai. Not only it has a wide range of fine Cuban cigars, but also fancy accessories to browse with.

The upper floors are the cigar bar which I had visited a few years ago, very stylish and relaxing to chill with friends. Unfortunately since pandemic started it was changed to members only. Hopefully it would open to public visitors again soon. You can still purchase some nice Cuban cigars and enjoy them at the restaurants around with outdoor areas.