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Noonday Gun Tradition since British Colonial Era

The Noonday Gun is a former naval artillery piece mounted on a site near the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter. Owned and operated by Jardine Matheson, the gun is fired every day at noon and has become a tourist attraction.

The gun is located on the waterfront in Causeway Bay, where Jardine used to have warehouses. The one-gun salute tradition is said to have started when the head of the company sailed into port. However a Royal Naval Officer who was new to Hong Kong became annoyed at this ceremony – gun salutes being reserved for military commanders only. As punishment, Jardine were required to fire a one-shot salute every day at noon, for perpetuity.

The probable kernel of truth in this story is the gun’s role as a public time signal. This was a common practice in many harbors in the 19th century, allowing all ships within auditory range to correctly calibrate their onboard clocks, which they used on voyages to calculate longitude.

The company has kept to the deal and the Noon Day Gun has become a local tradition and attraction for visitors.

Other than noon, the gun is also fired by a Jardine official at midnight every New Year's Day to celebrate the new year.

Address: Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Kellet Island


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