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Oyster Broth "NEXT" Shikaku Ramen Restaurant in Hong Kong

NEXT Shikaku Ramen Restaurant opened their first shop in Osaka, Japan around 7 months ago and their first shop in Hong Kong around 3 months later. Their signature is “Oysters” which they use oysters to make their delicious broth.

Basically there are only three choices: Clear broth, White broth, or Tsukemen. I am not a fan of Tsukemen so it was only a tough choice between Clear or White to me. I chose Clear broth which is oyster broth and my friend chose the white broth which is pork+oyster+chicken broth. They are both impressive and I like White broth better.

Their signature is oyster so we ordered sake oyster too. They were good as expected. The ramen is more impressive. What was more surprising was the beer. It perfectly paired with the onion and edible flowers in the broth, very refreshing.


NEXT Shikaku

11 Gough St, Central