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The Church Which Looks Like A Chinese Temple

This is Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Saint Mary's Church, in Causeway Bay.

This Anglican church was built in 1930s. Its red-brick walls are made with Chinese pillars and eaves.

Christianity was still very new to local Chinese people in 1930s. The priests wanted to build a church with more local features. They were hoping to build one which looked like a Chinese palace, in order to convey the message “Chris the King”. However building something similar to a Chinese palace could be very expensive (like the roof needs to be gold in colour). Due to limited resources and money, they tried their best and it turned out magnificent.

The interior adopted Chinese styles also. They applied Chinese cloud motif in order to evoke a Christian heaven.

The church is opened for visit during weekdays before 4:30pm. Photography is not allowed inside the church.

Their Sunday services start at 8:30am and 11:00am every Sunday and both services are in Cantonese.

Address: 2A Tai Hang Road,Causeway Bay


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