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The most classy roasted goose in Hong Kong has gone popularised - Kam Tou 甘饕燒鵝

There is a big local restaurant near Lan Kwai Fong - “鏞記 Yung Kee Restaurant” which is considered as the most classy and expensive roasted goose restaurant in Hong Kong. One of their family members has opened a new restaurant in Causeway Bay which makes this legendary roasted goose more affordable.


鏞記燒鵝 甘饕 甘牌 Yung Kee Kam Tou Roasted goose
Signature roasted goose

Located at Causeway Bay, Kam Tou Restaurant has kept many of the signature dishes on their menu from Yung Kee. Of course their roasted goose is a must try. Their secret ingredients to marinade the goose pairing with sesame sauce is their unique style of the family recipe (all other shops use soya sauce and spices instead), which the roasted goose will have a subtle and unique aroma. Pair it with rice noodles (find the background story here).

The other signature dish is egg noddles mixed with goose oil which makes the noodles extra aromatic.

鏞記燒鵝 甘饕 甘牌 Yung Kee Kam Tou Roasted goose
Egg noodles mixed with goose oil

The owner Kelvin has created a new signature dish for their shop which is “Boss BBQ pork with fried egg in rice”. BBQ pork is best to use Pork Collar-butt and not only they use the Pork Collar-butt but also they use the first slice only which is the best part of it. The meat is so tender but soft that you can’t find it anywhere else. Plus the egg yolk and fried onion... yumm...

鏞記燒鵝 甘饕 甘牌 Yung Kee Kam Tou Roasted goose
Boss BBQ pork with fried egg on rice 大少叉燒煎蛋飯

鏞記燒鵝 甘饕 甘牌 Yung Kee Kam Tou Roasted goose
You probably make be able to tell how tender it is from this photo

The shop is not very big so you may need to wait for a while during lunchtime.

鏞記燒鵝 甘饕 甘牌 Yung Kee Kam Tou Roasted goose

Kam Tou Restaurant

G/F, 19 Lan Fong Road, Causeway Bay


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