The Vintage HK Fusion Food You May Not Be Interested

First impression

When you see this, what do you think about this breakfast set?

The “Breakfast A”

This is a breakfast set that you can get from “Tea Restaurant”, 100% Hong Kong style.

More than 50 years ago, Hong Kong was still a British colony. The economy was starting to go up. Some Hong Kongers were making more money and they were looking for a better lifestyle, such as western food. However those “authentic” western food from hotels were still too expensive for them to afford. Therefore “tea restaurants” began to provide some “western cuisine” at a budget price. This “macaroni soup with ham” breakfast set was one of the earliest “western food” available at that time. Look at what you’ll get:

Do they look Western to you?

Their presentation is definitely not in western style, but take a close look at them:

Toast with fried eggs

Macaroni with ham

Milk tea

These names are very European, aren’t they?

The Fusion Food

Perhaps macaroni with ham and Hong Kong style of milk tea were one of the earliest fusion food in Hong Kong (now some shops would add a few pieces of “faked abalone” which is seasoned squid to make it sound more expensive).

Even many Hong Kongers don’t know about this: the soup base of the macaroni is usually made by Campbell Chicken Cream Soup (and MSG, yup, you know it) but actually it doesn't really taste like Chicken cream soup. That makes its style more unique.

This breakfast set is still the best seller of breakfast set in tea restaurants, according to various shop owners.

We have brought our European and American friends to try that. They said it’s a unqiue experience but probably won’t try it again. What do you think about this breakfast set?

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