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This is a Birthday Card

This flower plaque is scaffolded outside a market in Chai Wan to honour the birthday of Guan Yu.

On the plaque, it says "Yue Wan Market Chamber of Commerce honours the birthday of Holy Emperor Lord Guan and invoke blessings for well-being and peace". The small words at the bottom are the names of the representatives.

This type of plaque is always red in colour for different celebrations in Chinese culture. It can also be used in the grand opening of business, which can be seen occasionally around Hong Kong.

Inside the market, there is a shrine to Guan Yu.

Guan Yu was a general 2000 years ago and played a significant role in the Three Kingdoms period. Some people may be familiar with him as a character in the PlayStation game "Dynasty Warriors" which depicts the world of the Three Kingdoms.

It is believed that Guan Yu was deified as early as 1400 years ago and is now worshipped as a door god in Chinese and Taoist temples, with portraits of him being pasted on doors to ward off evil spirits.

The birthday of Guan Yu is 24th of the sixth month in Chinese calendar which is 5th August in 2018.

Address: 33 Yee Fung St, Chai Wan


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