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This shop sells rare vintage street food from 1950s

Back in the days, especially between 1950s and 1980s, there were a lot of stalls outside theatres selling street food. There were no popcorn, nachos and hotdogs. They sold food like:

Grilled dried squid


Roasted Chestnuts

Sweet potatoes

Sugar cane

Beef jerky

Ice Cream

Frozen pineapples

Dried fruit

Classic street food (fish balls, deep fried pork intestine, stinky tofu, soya sauce chicken legs etc.)

As time goes by, cinemas started to reject food purchased from other shops and encourage people to buy their overpriced popcorns and soft drinks. Those vendors began to disappear and the street food became memories. Luckily we have a shop like this:

The shop’s name is “Theatre Front-gate”, which means outside the cinema. The old lady sells snacks which you could find outside the theatres back in the days, such as beef jerky, biscuits, dried mango, dried fruit, sugar cane juice, and we strongly recommend to get the grilled dried squid because it smells good, tastes good and you can rarely find in Hong Kong now.

You can choose original or spicy taste and the lady would grill it for you. Be aware that the spicy taste is quite some challenge, or you can try the spicy squid and get the fresh sugar cane juice. That should help.

Watching your squid freshly grilled is a total enjoyment, and the smell is so tempting that it would ignite your appetites!



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