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This was the biggest church in Yuen Long of Hong Kong almost a century ago

A century ago many priests from Europe came to Hong Kong to start their evangelisation and pasturing services amongst the locals. Priest Valva Didacus D’Ayala was one of the most active ones in Yuen Long at that time. One day he visited Kam Tsin Wai Village and found out the villagers were struggling. So he sold his house in Italy and helped the villagers pay their debts and supported their living. The villagers were touched and baptised. Then they decided to change their ancestral temple of the village and became a church “Our Lady of Sorrows Chapel” in 1933. It was the biggest church in Yuen Long at that time.

Thus the cross on top of the traditional Chinese ancestral temple gives the building a unique look. The building was returned to the villagers in 1966 and became a centre for the villagers. It was declared historic monument in 2010.

Please note: Kam Tsin Wai Village is a small village and they do not allow uninvited outsiders.