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Tips on avoiding disappointing Airbnb in Hong Kong

Hotels in Hong Kong are expensive comparing to many other Asian big cities. Some visitors would consider getting Airbnb during their stay.

Just to remind that hostels in Hong Kong are required to have guesthouse license in order to rent rooms in Hong Kong. You should always check with the hosts before making reservation. Illegal hostels may have insufficient fire safety services and facilities as well as lack of insurance.

We have gathered some feedback of Airbnb experience from visitors in Hong Kong. One of the things which people should be careful is: stairs. Some Airbnb places are located in old apartments which may not have any lift, so you have to read the description carefully . For example one case says "it is a walk up, so please travel light, small luggages and backpacks are good, but big heavy luggages is best to be avoided." This means it may not be convenient if senior citizens are planning to stay at those apartments or you are travelling with heavy luggage.

Stairs to an Airbnb place. No good if you have heavy luggage

The rooms may be divided within an apartment unit, so it may be small (probably small). In one case, it has an open kitchen + bathroom + toilet. That means no doors dividing toilet and the mini-kitchen part, and also the bed. Bad smell may run through the whole place, in the worst case.

Looking at the mini-kitchen from the bed, and toilet is on the left right next to the kitchen...

Another thing which people should be aware is water heater in the bathroom. Some places may be equipped with electric water heater which shower water may not be hot enough or strong enough as people would expect from the normal type. Also may be not too user-friendly when used.

It is suggested that you should check with the hosts before you make the reservation if you are in doubt.


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