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Traditional Afternoon Tea Snacks Takeout Shop

It’s a bit hard to describe what the food they sell in this shop. Some of the food are savoury and some are sweet. They are more like afternoon tea snacks, something delicate to eat between meals.

One of the most signature snacks of this shop is Hakka Cha-guo Hakka is a language spoken by some Cantonese people living in the south of China, so it describes the style of the food. “Cha-guo” literally means “Tea Fruit". They are made of sticky rice with different stuffings, some are savory and some are sweet.

For savoury flavour as in the photo above, the cha-guo has green peas or black-eyed peas stuffings, or Chinese pickled reddish. Peanuts sesame stuffing is one of the most popular flavour in the sweet category.

Also you can try the black-eyed pea cakes or red bean cakes. They are usually eaten between meals as well.


This is a takeout shop so you can buy some of the snacks to eat on the street or when you are back to the hotel.

Or you can buy them on the last day of your stay and bring them back home to share with your family and friends.



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