Weekend Getaway in Discovery Bay

Years ago when my friend from Korea visited Hong Kong, he told me he wanted to visit Discovery Bay. I was like “why Discovery Bay?”. Then he showed me his travel guide. The book described Discovery Bay as a beautiful paradise which has a vibe of another country. Since my friend insisted, I brought him there. He was quite disappointed because he was expecting somewhere close to Hawaii or Gold Coast. We still had a good time that we ate and had some cold draft beer by the sea.

Under pandemic when it is not easy to travel abroad, Hong Kong people have been travelling all over the city to have a weekend getaway. Recently the story of Discovery Bay came up in my mind so I visited there for a day with my family.

When I was wondering where to have lunch, the bar of a Chinese restaurant “Peony” caught my eyes because it is hard to see a bar inside a Chinese restaurant especially a decent one nowadays. It is more common for Chinese restaurants to have a bar in China Town overseas when there is more space. Interestingly this triggered me to have a “China Town Experience” which is a perfect getaway idea to me. So I went in and ordered a beer which I don’t usually do. They also had food like lobster bisque🦞 soup dumplings 🥟 which added more flavours to my “China Town Trip” LOL.

After leisure walk in the shopping plaza which wasn’t very big, we went to the beach. My kid loved the slides on the beach. They were awesome. I didn’t visit the other side of Discovery Bay where they had the chapel.

It was a nice day trip. We had a good time. Discovery Bay still has the relaxing vibe. However it still doesn’t look like Hawaii or Gold Coast. Do not put that on your list if you are staying in Hong Kong for a short trip.