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Xiqu Centre Reopened with New Tea House Theatre Experiences

First of all, Xiqu means Chinese opera. Xiqu Centre aims to provide international-grade arts and cultural performances. Because of its modern architecture, it was named one of world's greatest places in 2019 by TIME magazine.

This place is full of instagram spots and modernised Chinese shops such as Chinese restaurants, tea shop and bubble tea shop.

Inside Xiqu Centre, there is Tea House Theatre. The Tea House Theatre Experience is specially designed to introduce new audience to Cantonese opera.

The Tea House Theatre aims to recreate the warm, authentic atmosphere of Hong Kong’s early 20th century tea houses, audiences are served traditional tea and dim sum during the performance.

The performance is 90-minute long, which is perfect for newcomers, and most importantly, they have expert moderator and English and Chinese subtitles provided so even English speakers will not have problem understanding the contents and background of the performances.

Expert Moderator narrates about the background story and highlighted technique of the performances with Chinese & English subtitles.

The theatre changes the programme by season. Basically the programme includes Nanyin which is Cantonese Narrative Singing, Wind and Percussion Music, Music Ensemble Performance, and Cantonese Opera Excerpt Performance which would involve breathetaking action scenes!

The Tea House Theatre Experience is a unique and impressive performance which is definitely worth the visit!

Performances run from Wednesday to Sunday every week. HONGKONGUIDE would suggest visitors to book their tickets online via their official website.

# Please note, since they are currently unable to serve tea and dim sum. The refreshment service will be resumed as soon as possible.

For more information and ticketing, please click here.


Xiqu Centre

88 Austin Rd W, Tsim Sha Tsui


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