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Yellow Fever: Salted Egg Yolk Snacks in Asia

Salted egg is already popular and commonly used in Hong Kong Cantonese cuisine - we use it to cook with stir-fried crab, deep fried prawns or even with vegetables. It is actually made from duck eggs. Asians especially people from Hong Kong have changed how we see salted egg yolks since salted egg yolk flavored fish skin snacks became popular in 2018.

Then other brands from Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong have released different types of snacks. Even McDonald’s in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong have offered a sauce for McNugget. Salted egg yolk taste is very aromatic and addictive. Surprisingly there is a wide range of salted egg yolk flavoured snacks from potato chips to candies. HONGKONGUIDE has found many of them for you. You will be surprised with the last one!

1. Salted egg yolk flavored fish skin

It is believed that this snack from Singapore started the trend. Original taste.

Salted egg fish skin golden duck
Signaporean Brand (7-11)

Salted egg yolk fish skin
Hong Kong brand (ParknShop)

2. Salted egg yolk flavored potato chips

Salty taste from salted egg yolk with crispy potato chips, born to be perfect pair.

Salted egg yolk potato crisps
Available from Parknshop

Salted egg yolk potato sticks
Available from Best Mart 360

3. Salted egg yolk flavored biscuits

Salted egg yolk taste matches with biscuits very well.

Salted egg yolk potato biscuits
Available from Market Place by Jasons

Salted egg yolk potato biscuit
Salted Egg Yolk Malt Sugar biscuit, available from Bestmart 360

4. Salted egg yolk flavoured cookies

Have you ever imaged cookies with salted egg yolk?

Salted egg yolk cookies
Salted egg yolk cookies from Taiwan, available from Bestmart 360

5. Salted egg yolk flavoured nougat

Candy in salty taste. Sounds interesting.

Salted egg yolk nougat
Salted egg yolk nougat

Last but not least, the most unexpected salted egg yolk flavoured snack goes to...

5. Salted egg yolk brainless shrimp head!

Crispy shrimp head with salty egg yolk. Even though the shrimp flavour is not very strong, seafood always goes well with salted egg yolk!

Salted egg yolk shrimp head
Salted egg yolk shrimp head, available from Bestmart 360

Salted egg yolk shrimp head
Have you ever eaten a shrimp head before?

Which one of the snacks above is the weirdest thing for you? Please comment below!


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