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3 Noodles Challenge in Hong Kong!

This is not an instant noodles challenge. This is a "3 Noodles Challenge" in a row at 3 of the best restaurants in Hong Kong, with 3 different types of noodles, 3 different types of soup bases, 3 different types of meats!

We were the first one to do this Challenge!

Here are the addresses of the 3 awesome places:

1. Mak's Noodles

Wonton with egg noodles

77 Wellington St, Central

2. Yat Lok Restaurant

Roasted goose with rice noodles (called "Lai Fun" in Chinese)

Conwell House, G/F,, 34-38 Stanley St, Central

*Yat Lok closes at 5:30pm on Sundays

Beef Brisket with flat rice noodles (called "Ho Fun" in Chinese)

Ground Floor, 21 Gough Street, Central

*Kau Kee closes on Sundays

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