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Besides Lan Kwai Fong, You Can Also Try These Places

Drinking and partying at Lan Kwai Fong is always the top choice when traveling at Hong Kong. However if you have already been to LKF, and you feel like going somewhere else for a drink with your friends, Wan Chai may be a good choice for you.

1. Lockhart Road & Jeffe Road

One of the oldest bar areas in Wan Chai. Since U.S. navy visits Hong Kong every year and they would usually arrive at Fenwick Pier nearby, many of them would go to Lockhart Road and have some fun at the bars and nightclubs there. Therefore in the old times all those bars and nightclubs were opened targeting at the soldiers and the area became a red light district. But the thing is, most of the nightclubs still keep the same style until now... We would say they are not something “local”.

A movie from 1960 "The World of Suzie Wong" depicts Wan Chai as a place for Westerners chasing stereotyped Asian women at that time.

Above: Screenshot of "The World of Suzie Wong"

Below: Trailer of the movie

Below: bars & nightclubs in Wan Chai nowadays. Bars in Lockhart Road are now more a place for sports fans to watch live games.

2. Queens Road East

There are different bars and pubs in different parts of Queens Road East since this road is long.

Ship Street

We recommend the end of Ship Street which you can drink and hang out with your friends outside the bars on the street like Lan Kwai Fong. Easy access to the area.

Blue House (Stone Nullah Lane)

There are a few stylish bars around the heritage Blue House. They are worth the discovery.

Star Street/ Moon Street

Star Street is a residential area with some decent restaurants around like Vietnamese restaurant Brass Spoon.

Great place to sit down with your friends, enjoy the environment, review the good time in Hong Kong and plan your next trip.


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