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Disappearing Sunset Spot in Hong Kong

This is the last swimming shed in Hong Kong.

Back in 1950s to 60s, when there were no swimming pools, the locals built this kind of swimming sheds for people to swim during summer. They were made of bamboos because they would take it down after summer and would make it again next year.

This “Sai Wan Swimming Shed” is the last one in Hong Kong. There is a swimming club next to it which there are around 20 members who are senior citizens. They usually swim in early morning at 5-6am. Then the rest of the day becomes a hotspot for photographers.

Because it is at the far west side of Hong Kong Island facing the west, the sunset here is awesome. Many locals and visitors are attracted to take photos in the afternoon every day. When there are 20 people queuing up it would take around 30-40 minutes for your turn. The queue is even longer during weekends so it is a matter of luck to catch the best sunset shot. We suggest to go before 5:00pm during summer.

Address: Victoria Rd, Mount Davis


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