Hong Kong's Legendary Tung Po Kitchen May Close After 30 years

Located on the upper floors of the Java Road Market and Cooked Food Centre in North Point, Tung Po Kitchen has been entertaining crowds for 30 years with their friendly customer service like singing, dancing, and popping beer bottles with chopsticks. Even though it is located in a cooked food centre, the kitchen offers Cantonese classics fresh out of the wok and unique delicate dishes. Also it is famous of its drinking beer tradition from their signature porcelain 'fighter bowls'.

According to local news media, the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) issued a letter to the restaurant, stating that it violated the terms of their tenancy agreements and that Tung Po Kitchen's licensee was not present when it was operating. The dai pai dong has been given until 2 September to clear out their venue. Since it has been widely reported and discussed by citizens, it was told that the restaurant was given an extra month for appeal until 30 September.

Over the years, celebrities from Hong Kong and all over the world have visited Tung Po Kitchen, including Hollywood Actor Benedict Cumberbatch (Dr Strange). I visited the restaurant a few years ago with my friends and we ordered a specially designed banquet which was so awesome. HONGKONGUIDE hope that Tung Po Kitchen will be able to sort out the case with FEHD and can keep their business. We have lost too many legendary restaurants this year. We don’t want to lose any one again.