Instagrammable Hotpot Experience in Hong Kong, Quan Alley

Which soup would you put this beef in, red spicy soup or white oriental beauty soup?

Quan Alley is a famous hotpot shop oriented from Taiwan, now you can enjoy the same experience here in Hong Kong. It is an experience which will feast your eyes.

Quan Alley is famous of their Mala (Mala means numb & spicy) broth and artistic food plating which is very eye catching & instagrammable. The plating is so beautiful that you will feel sorry for breaking it. Just remind yourself that you are here for the food, gotta do it after taking a million photos.

Not only the food, there are a few tables with window seats that you can enjoy the stunning Victoria Harbour view. You may try to call in advance and see if you can reserve one of those tables.

Don’t forget the decorations too, they have a few authentic calligraphy of famous calligrapher displayed.

Recently Quan Alley has released an afternoon tea set which is worth to try also.