[Instagram Spot] The Second Transformer Building in Hong Kong

Movie “Transformers: Age of Extinction” released in 2014 shows autobots fighting in Hong Kong. The shooting locations of the movie became hot Instagram spots for the locals and tourists. One of the sites, Yick Cheong Building in Hong Kong Island, is the most popular place because of its U-shape architectural style. Also it has become the shooting location of many movies and music videos produced by people around the world.

Above: screenshot of "Transformer: Age of Extinction", Yik Cheong Building

However, since it has drawn too much attention from people around the world, it has been causing nuisance to the residents since the “photo spot” area is actually a private property area. That’s why the residents have put up a sign telling people not to take photos and videos there.

HONGKONGUIDE thus do NOT suggest people to go there. Indeed there is another transformer building which looks just like that in the Kowloon side.