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Bubble Teas made to be Instagrammable

One of the popular things people love to enjoy when they visit Hong Kong is to have a chilled bubble tea drink. Bubble tea shops have never stopped releasing new styles of drinks and there are too many choices now. Here is a brief introduction of the drinks from bubble tea shops.

1. Basic/ Traditional drinks - Bubble Milk Tea, Taro Milk Tea

Bubble teas paired with LV bag, both Instagrammable

It is believed that bubble tea is originated from Taiwan in the 80s. Bubble Tea is actually milk tea with boba which is chewy tapioca ball. Boba milk tea is still one of the best selling drinks from bubble tea shop.

Another popular drink when bubble milk tea first came out was “Taro Milk Tea“.

Also some shops may have other traditional tea drinks like winter melon tea and fruit flavoured smoothies.

Taro Milk Tea

2. Milk Foam Tea

When more and more bubble tea shops were opened, different brands tried to release new drinks to differentiate themselves from others. Drinks like Milk Foam Tea, Fig Jelly Lemon tea appeared.

Milk Foam Tea is actually salted cream put on top of the tea.

3. Instagrammable drinks - Cheese tea, fruit tea & brown sugar tea

Fruit tea

In recent years, not only bubble tea brands would release new drinks, but also they would design drinks which look attractive that they are instagrammable. There are three types of new popular drinks in 2018: cheese tea, fruit tea and brown sugar tea.

Cheese tea is similar to Milk Foam Tea which cream cheese mixed with cream is put on top of the drink.

Fruit tea has real fruit inside and brown sugar tea has brown sugar added inside the tea which looks like tiger stripe pattern.

Brown sugar tea


  • There are indeed much more choices of drinks in different shops.

  • When you order the drinks, you can choose the amount of ice and sugar added to the drinks.


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