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Local Cartoon "Panda-a-Panda" Cuisine

"Panda-a-Panda" (聾貓)which the main characters On On and Guy Guy were created by Siuhak in 2004, by the inspiration of An An and Jia Jia, two giant pandas kept in the Ocean Park. The comic also teases the local instant culture. Local politics and current affairs were topics in the story. Recently they have moved in to a restaurant in Wan Chai to celebrate Chinese New Year.

"Yamataka Seafood Market", located at Wan Chai Ferry Pier, is a Japanese style seafood market. It is now full of local characters from “Panda-a-Panda”and various themed dishes, they are all Instagrammable!

Panda-a-Panda Sashimi Rice Bowl

Panda-a-Panda Mini Burgers

Panda Chashu Udon

Besides the beautiful cuisine, you can also find many Panda-a-Panda gifts such as:

Panda Yama Junmai Daiginjo Limited Edition

“Panda-a-Panda” event starts from today until 4th March, 2019.

Also the Panda will show up at the restaurant in the follow dates:

2nd Feb (2pm-2:30pm, 3pm-3:30pm)

14th Feb (7pm-7:30pm, 8pm-8:30pm)

Go say hi to the Pandas and their friends!

Address: 2/F, Star Ferry Pier, Wan Chai


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