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Hong Kong News Expo Museum, inside a wet market

This is the first News museum in Asia.

Hong Kong News-Expo is inside the former Bridges Street Market in Central. The heritage building was among the first batch of public markets built after the end of World War II and was opened in 1953.

Not only it keeps certain features of the old market, the museum also exhibits the history and development of Hong Kong’s news media and presents Hong Kong’s political, economic and social transformations through contemporary news reports.

There are areas where you can be a reporter for a day, read about big issues in Hong Kong history via big interactive screen.

Also there is a newsstand which is the most popular Instagram spot in the museum.

The museum is free admission.

Opening hours: 10am-7pm (Closed on Mondays)

Click the following icon to see the guide via

Address: 2 Bridges St, Tai Ping Shan


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