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National Geographic Hong Kong Photo Contest 2022 Winner Announcement!

Organized by National Geographic magazine, the Hong Kong Photo Contest 2022 just announced the winners on March 3, 2023. The Contest was highly competitive, with many photography enthusiasts all over the world competing alongside local Hong Kong photographers.

The Contest was divided into six categories: City, Wildlife, Landscape, People, Mobile, and Short Video, with a total of 8,580 entries. The judging panel consisted of National Geographic Chinese explorer, renowned wildlife photographer Xi Zhinong, Hong Kong filmmaker Cheung King-wai, and Lee Yungshih, the Editor-in-Chief of the Chinese version of National Geographic magazine.

The winning entries of "Organized by National Geographic Magazine Chinese Edition, Presented by Wheelock: Hong Kong Photo Contest 2022" will be exhibited in physical exhibition and online virtual exhibition in parallel, allowing the global public to visit for free.

1) Physical Exhibition︰

Address:「WLAB」- 1/F, Block A-D, Tung Kin Factory Building, 196 Tsat Tsz Mui Road, North Point

Date: 3 – 31 March 2023, 2pm - 5pm (Closed on Sat, Sun & public holidays)

2) Online Virtual Exhibition:

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