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Not Star Ferry, try this Ferry

Star Ferry between Tsim Sha Tsui and Central is famous that everyone loves it. Actually there is another cross harbour ferry route which covers 6 attractions and it only costs USD$1!

1. North Point Ferry Pier & Fish Market The starting point is North Point Ferry Pier. Before you get on the ferry, there is a local fish market at the entrance. The shops there mostly serve the local residents around for the freshest seafood.

2. Ferry to Hung Hom There are two ferry routes here, one to Kowloon City and one to Hung Hom. Take the one towards Hung hom. One of the good things about this ferry is people can walk freely between the lower deck and upper deck of it which is not allowed in Star Ferry.

This ferry usually takes around 8 to 10 minutes, longer than Star Ferry, which is a good thing because some visitors would say Star Ferry is too fast that they don’t have enough time to take photos of the harbour or enjoy the ride but then they have to get off. The lower deck here is more popular because people can enjoy the breeze and it is easier to take photos.

​On the way to Hung Hom, people can enjoy the view of both Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Also you can even see the east side of Kowloon such as the landmark Kai Tak Cruise Terminal.

Note: The first ferry is 07:23am and the last ferry is 07:23pm, departing from North Point every half an hour at 23 minutes and 53 minutes (e.g. 07:23am, 07:53am, 08:23am, 08:53am etc.) 3. Whampoa Promenade

After getting off from the ferry, if you turn right, there is Whampoa Promenade where you can have a 270 degrees of harbour view.

4. Secret Garden

If you go left from the pier, there is a secret garden in Kerry Hotel, it is opened to the public.

5. Hung Hom Promenade

After checking out the garden, go to Hung Hom Promenade next to the hotel, it has a stunning view of the northern part of HK Island. Also the environment is very relaxing.

(Bonus Attraction)

If you keep walking straight down the promenade like this, you can actually walk to Tsim Sha Tsui but it is gonna take at least 30 minutes. I don’t recommend people doing this in summer. So I would suggest you to go back to the pier side.

6. Whampoa Garden

The residential area next to the pier is Whampoa Garden. A century ago it was a dockyard and was once the biggest in Asia. But what’s left now is just an iconic cruise which is actually a shopping mall. There are shops and restaurants around. Go grab some refreshments if you are tired from walking, and then you can take the MTR at Whampoa station to your next destination.