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Fukien Tea Co, 70-year-old Tea Shop in Hong Kong

Need idea for buying souvenir when travelling in Hong Kong? Tea is a great idea because it is very Chinese, healthy, affordable to everyone, and light to carry. This vlog will introduce Fukien Tea Co. which they are one of the few shops left in Hong Kong (and probably China) that they would roast Tie Guan Yin tea in the most traditional way. The best part is, shop owner Mr Yeung will serve you tea to try for free!

This is Fukien Tea Co. and my friend Anthony and his father Uncle Yeung. The shop has almost 70 years of history. Anthony and his brother is the third generation of the shop.

You can find different types of tea in the shop and Tier Kwan Yin is their signature. It is because they have their own workshop to process it in the most traditional way.

Jasmine is the favourite of many people especially foreigners like the Japanese and Korean. It is a flower tea. The less flower it has the better quality it is.

Uncle Yeung not only sells tea, but also teaches how to make tea in the most practical way so you won’t waste any tea. Basically there are only five steps, remember these:

1. Put one fifth of tea leaves inside the teapot

2. Boil water

3. Pour away the first brew and use it to rinse the cups

4. Boil the water again

5. Pour water and the Tea is ready~

The traditional way of roasting Tie Gwan Yin takes around 60 hours and the process is so complicated that Uncle Yeung needs to cool down and turn around the tea multiple times. That’s why they are the few people left in Hong Kong and probably in China who would still process Tie Guam Yin this long.

Another thing which is worth to see in the shop is the clay teapots.

They have Zisha teapot which we think is one of the best type of utensils for drinking tea. The more you use the teapot and the better tea it will become.

This type of teapot is not cheap now, but it’s worth it if you use it regularly.

Which tea is your favourite? Please comment below and let us know.

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Address: G/f no, 6 Mercer St, Sheung Wan


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