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Super Coriander Noodles Soup in Hong Kong

Coriander is a herb which may lead to hard discussion between friends because different people may perceive the taste of coriander differently. Those who enjoy it say it has a refreshing, lemony or lime-like flavor, while those who hate it say it has a pungent taste and smell, some even say it tastes like soap.

Coriander was never a main ingredient in traditional Chinese cuisine or Hong Kong people’s diet. A few leaves are added in some dishes as decoration which people usually don’t eat it. Or it would be used to make a few types of soup or in hot pot.

Until recently years Hong Kong people found out there are a huge number of people who love the distinct smell and flavour of coriander. Then different products of coriander started to appear: coriander flavour ice cream, coriander cake, coriander burger, coriander Siu mai etc…

This time we would like to introduce coriander noodles soup, and we are talking about A LOT of coriander, on top and in the soup. Don’t think it is just a gimmick, the soup is actually good and the beef meat balls are juicy. They just don’t let the herb steal the spotlight.

If you are a coriander lover, go ahead, if you aren’t, skip it.

Address: Peony Garden