The hidden big Guan Yin statue in Stanley

The giant Guanyin Statue in Tai Po is famous because of its size, scale and especially it is funded by the multi-billionaire Li Ka Shing.

Guan Yin Statue at Tsz Shan Monastery, Tai Po. Source:

Actually there is a 50-feet tall Guanyin statue in Stanley and most importantly it is opened to everyone.

Kwun Yum Buddhist Monastery, Guan Yin Statue

Located in Ma Hang Estate, Stanley, there is a “Kwun Yum Buddhist Monastery”. It was established in 1964. ("Kwun Yum" and "Guan Yin" have the same meaning which represent the same god. The difference is Kwun Yum is the Cantonese pronunciation whereas Guan Yin is the Mandarin pronunciation.)

Kwun Yum Buddhist Monastery, Guan Yin Statue
Inside Kwun Yum Buddhist Monastery

It is believed that this Guan Yin would protect the people living in the area especially the fishermen back in the days. That’s why the statue is facing Stanley Bay.