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The most famous beef noodles in Hong Kong 九記牛腩

The most popular Hong Kong beef noodles that does not accept online delivery.

You can only dine in or get takeaway by yourself.

Kau Kee is my favourite and probably many people’s favourite beef brisket noodles shop. Their broth is so unique that no one can copy (or no one could copy successfully). It is just a perfect example of what a bowl of noodles should be: beef is tender, soup is the core which is tasty and aromatic, noodles is just cooked right but jot soaked.

To me what makes it magical is there is “one more thing” about the noodles here. I love it in rice noodles the most because the soup itself has some kind of magic with rice noodles that it would become a special flavour that I can’t find it anywhere else. That’s why rice noodles always run out fast and people can hardly order it during dinner time. The one in the photo is egg noodles.

Anything else worth to try?

They have curry noodles which is also good but not that super unique as the broth one. I had that in our video “3 Noodles Challenge” which you can check that out.

Also they have “lemon coffee”. It is something you can find in some cha chaan tang.


Ground Floor, 21 Gough St, Central


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