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This Newsstand Is Bigger Than You Think

Rent in Hong Kong is famously expensive (or overpriced). Even the rent of a stall on the street may cost a few hundred US dollars a month. Therefore shops always try their best to maximize the profit. Even a 20 square feet (or less) newsstand can sell more stuff than you could imagine, and they have goods for everybody.

What’s there?

Just like many newsstands in other countries, they sell basic stuff like newspapers, magazines, cigarettes, comic books, tissue papers, bottled water. Moreover, if you take a close look, you will see much more:

Chewing gum



Avengers toys and toy cars for the boys 

Hello Kitty planes and stickers for the girls

Bubble bottles for kids

Various kinds of soft drinks 

Different brands and sizes of bottled water

Playing cards etc

(Porn magazines and toys next to each other...)

There is one more thing

Plus, it has this:

See the flowers on top? The owner even tries to decorate such a tiny space!

It is amazing that such a small place can sell so much stuff. They may not have many items for visitors to purchase, but these newsstands are interesting to see as part of local life in Hong Kong!


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