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Tips on Shopping at Mong Kok Sneakers Street to Save Your Time

Locals and many visitors may be familiar with “Sneakers Street“ in Mong Kok, which is part of Fa Yuen Street.

There are around 50 shops selling sneakers and sportswear around the area. It has been a popular place for locals to buy sneakers and sportswear since 1980s.

In the 90s, the area was in its prime and there was a lot of competition between different shops. I could even bargain with the salespeople when buying new release Air Jordan (Even many locals didn’t know you could bargain). However bargaining is almost impossible now.

Even though there are 50 shops in the area, they are not owned by 50 different owners. Many of the shops are from the same group which you can tell from the sign: Wan Kee, Sportswear, etc. Wan Kee has over 10 stores in the same area.

FYI, NEWYOUTH is under Wan Kee group...

Therefore if you are not familiar with the area, try to find out the name of the shop before you enter, so you will know if the next shop you go is from the same company because usually there is no big difference with the promotions and stock among the stores. This should save you time when shopping around.

Address: Sneakers Street, Mong Kok


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