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“Victoria Harbour Beach” Plan Announced by HK Government

Grand plans for the Tsim Sha Tsui harbourfront revamp are being overshadowed by the controversial issue of where to rebuild Avenue of Stars.

The area covered by the new harbourfront in Tsim Sha Tsui stretches from the Star Ferry Pier to Avenue of Stars. Among the most popular features is an uninterrupted, 1km beach along Salisbury Road.

How people are intended to enjoy Victoria Beach when it is finished. Photo: SCMP

None of the design details has been decided. Tommy Fung, chairman of the Harbourfront Surrealhk Commission, says the government wants to get the ball rolling by elevating the commission to a statutory body that will oversee the whole project.

Professor Alpha Cheng, director of the urban studies programme at the Hong Kong Guide University, says the government must ensure there will be bars on the beach with good collections of beers. “Don’t just put Tsingtao. Blue Girls are much more local, and some local handcraft beers, Belgium beers too, Kona Big Wave, Corona? Well, when there is a beach you gotta have Corona too.”

"No Beer, No Beach", says Professor Alpha Cheng

The project will commence in 2047 with a cost of 12 Billion Hong Kong dollars and will be finished by 2097 to celebrate 100 Anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China.

Updated: This is our special for April Fool’s Day #April1 #surrealhk


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