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What Temple is this?

When foreigners saw these statues, a few questions may be raised, “what Temple is this?” “Why some Gods have more than one statues?” 

Our friend from India, Urmila Menon, saw this and asked us what this is. Some local Hong Kong people worship their god at home. When they move out, for various reasons like immigration, that they cannot bring along the statue with them, they have to find a "new home" for it. They believe if they throw away their god’s statue it is disrespectful and would bring bad luck to them.

Also it is difficult to pass the statues to friends because usually the friends have their own. Therefore in order to find a “new home” for the statue, people would choose to “move their god” to a temple. That is why certain gods have more than one statues at one place. 


Credits: Photos taken by Urmila. Please check her IG for many awesome drawings around Hong Kong! 


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