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Which tea to choose in Chinese restaurants?

Visiting Chinese restaurants and enjoy some delicious Dim Sum is a must do in Hong Kong. Usually by the time when you sit down, waiters will ask what tea you would like to choose. Many foreigners usually have no clues of what you can choose. This is the list of the teas which you can choose in most of the ordinary Chinese restaurants:

Pu-erh 普洱 - a type of black tea. One of the most common teas which people order

Jasmine 香片 - green tea base mixed with jasmine. One of the most famous scented tea in China.

Shui Hsien 水仙 - a type of of Oolong tea

Tie Guan Yun 鐵觀音 - another type of Oolong tea

Shoumei 壽眉 - from a less common tea genre called “white tea”, brewed in a lower temperature than black tea.

Chrysanthemum tea 菊花 - technically it is not a type of tea because it is some dried chrysanthemum flowers prepared with hot water like tea. It does not have any tea leaves indeed.

Oolong 烏龍 - a genre of tea which is semi-oxidized. In some Chinese restaurants (mostly the cheap ones), if you order oolong/ Shui Hsien/ Tie Guan Yun, they may give you the same type of tea.


Longjing 龍井 - a type of green tea which is relatively more expensive than others. Many restaurants do not provide longjing. Some restaurants serve it for free whereas some may require extra charge.

Pu-erh & Chrysanthemum tea 菊普 - Pu-erh tea mixed with Chrysanthemum tea

How to order:

You can show the servers the Chinese name of the tea shown above to tell them the type of tea you want.


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