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Yau Ma Tei Wholesale Fruit Market

Yau Ma Tei Fruit Wholesale Market has become a tourist and popular Instagram spot because of many reasons - it is historical, local, and unique.


First of all, the site has almost a century history. When it started people started to gather to sell different food ingredients around the area. Between 1920s-1930s, some people were allowed to build up their own warehouses there. After the markets of seafood and poultry were moved to other district, this place was left to become fruit wholesale market. Some of the warehouses have decades of history.


Around 80% of all the fruit in Hong Kong are imported through the market. In recent years, some of the shops would open for retails during daytime.

Because the location of the market is inside the heart of Kowloon where there are residents around, most of the wholesale business are operated overnight between 7pm until 7am in order not to obstruct the traffic of the area. Therefore its energetic atmosphere during the quietest moment of everyday makes it a unique scene.


Because of its uniqueness, it has become a favourite of many photographers and tourist. It is an opened area so anyone can access to it. The market has different styles between day and night so you can visit there anytime.

However we strongly recommend that when you take photos DO NOT get too close to the workers. They are workers, not models for photographers. No one would love it when someone is taking photos in front of you and obstructing your work at the same time right? Show some respect or ask them nicely, you will be welcomed.

Even Korean Diva Hyuna had taken some photos at the market


Waterloo Road, Yau Ma Tei


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