Shui Kee Restaurant, Unique French Toast and Milk Tea

Visiting a local cafe and have a HK style of milk tea is many must-do experience for visitors. We have a local cafe in Sheung Wan, where they have a menu with some special codes in it.

Shui Kee Coffee is inside Sheung Wan Cooked Food Centre above a wet market. There are different local restaurants inside the cooked food centre.

Shui Kee is famous of milk tea and coffee. We recommend milk tea with French toast here. Unlike other restaurants, French toast here is pan-fried rather than deep-fried, which is rare in Hong Kong.

However before ordering the food, you should check out the red menu board here.

People who do not know Chinese may not understand how special it is. The secret of the board is the prices. The numbers they use is "Suzhou" numerals. It is traditional Chinese numerals with almost a thousand years of history and they were commonly used in showing prices all over HK before 90s. But now even mainland Chinese do not use it anymore. HK and Macau are the places where people still use the numbers in a few local markets and restaurants.

This is how it works. Read it from the top and from the left.